Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fabric Beads

This last year I have inherited a large amount of vintage fabric and quilting scraps. Since I am not a quilter, I found a way to use the materials in my jewelry. This winter when it was too cold to go out into the garage studio to melt glass, I stayed warm and cozy inside while I rolled fabric beads. It has been fun to take a piece of fabric and imagine what it will look like when it is rolled up into a bead. The results often surprised me.

These were made from scraps from the 1970's.
The fabric was scrap strips from a quilt. The large crystals were hanging from a vintage lamp.
This fabric was my favorite surprise. It was a piece of linen-like fabric with a forest scene with deer.  

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  1. These earrings are so cool! I can't believe you thought of these! :)